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Engine & Transmission Shop

Bodymotion has a full service Engine and Transmission shop capable of rebuilding or replacing virtually any engine and transmission. Of course our specialty is in Porsche’s and whether your Liquid-cooled Porsche has had an RMS failure and needs a replacement or you have a Club racer that needs a refresh and rebuild Bodymotion will be able to get you in and back driving in no time. From air-cooled 4 cylinders to liquid-cooled Turbos and GT3’s the engine and transmission shop at Bodymotion has got it covered. Our service also extends to all other makes and models, from BMW M5’s to Chevy Suburbans, we have the experience and know how to fix your vehicle and get you back on the road.


Engine Rebuilds and Tuning

Our roots in Club racing and Grand-Am have made us known for our engines. Bodymotion can build one from the ground up or you can send us yours and we can discuss various options available to you. Mike Bavaro has over 30 years experience with Porsches and is a Porsche Certified Master Technician whose engines have won at the Club and Professional racing levels. His engines are known for their power and longevity whether air-cooled or water-cooled. Bodymotion is also a partner of Evolution Motorsports offering their full line of products. On-site EVOMSit ECU tuning is available and all of their turbo upgrades. So, air-cooled or water-cooled, normally aspirated or forced induction, Bodymotion has solutions for all your engine needs.
However, Bodymotion does not specialize in engines just for Motorsports or racing. If you have a hot rod or perhaps a classic that needs restoration or a rebuild look no further than Bodymotion's Engine and Transmission shop. Our experience ranges from classic English Roadsters to Big Block Corvette’s. Bodymotion has established many connections to source hard to find or out of production parts so as to preserve authenticity and to get the job done right.

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Transmission Overhauls

915 gearbox used in 911’s from 1970 through 1986 tend to use up synchronizer rings. The more powerful the engine, the faster the shift, the quality of lubricant used, all factor in to thew equation. Bodymotion’s in house transmission department will replace all of your synchros giving you a fresh gear box that is sure to improve your driving experience. You can drop the gear box off to us or bring the whole car and we can remove and then reinstall it for you. Call our service department to schedule an appointment or to discuss further details and options for your specific year and model transmission.

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