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Air Conditioning & Climate Control

Most new vehicles today utilize CFC-free climate control systems to regulate temperature in the cabin of the car. Unlike traditional heating/cooling, these systems combine air conditioning with heat to give a more precise ambient temperature inside the vehicle. Environmental standards require the use of R134 Fluorocarbon-free refrigerant in all new vehicles, and in all vehicles serviced for air conditioning. Air conditioning repair facilities must be licensed, use certified technicians, and use special tools to service R134 Fluorocarbon-free systems. Bodymotion is a fully licensed and compliant facility. Another reason why Bodymotion is your “one stop shop” for comprehensive auto repair.

AC Check

At Bodymotion, all AC repairs and AC services are taken care of by certified technicians. Your vehicle is in great hands here at Bodymotion, and We will inspect your vehicle's A/C framework to check whether there is a leak and if there is, we'll stop it before it can affect anything else.

At the point when temperatures ascend, there's nothing more refreshing than moving into a cooled vehicle. After some time, in any case, A/C fittings turn out to be loose as O-rings, hoses, and seals begin to wear out and your refreshingly cooled air ... stops. Get that refreshing feeling back here at Bodymotion. Our technicians offer the best vehicle AC services and repairs at the best costs.

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