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Alignments are needed from time to time in order to maintain even tire wear, give you optimal fuel mileage, ensure safe road-handling, and allow you to get the longest life out of your tires. Bodymotion performs alignments on all makes and models on a HunterÒ P411 alignment system. Be cautious of so-called “bargain” alignments—you will not be getting the comprehensive, proper alignment service that you will find at Bodymotion.

Bodymotion Alignment Service Includes
  • 100% compliance with manufacturer’s factory alignment specifications (or custom specifications upon request


  • All work performed by ASE Certified Technicians


  • Complete tire and wheel inspection


  • Complete suspension, control arm, and link inspection


  • Complete shock absorber and bushing inspection


  • Complete steering component inspection


  • Hand car wash, vacuuming, glass cleaned, and road test (weather permitting)


  • A complete printout of “before” & “after” settings


  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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