Safety Equipment

Because of our extensive experience in racing, Bodymotion can handle all and any of your safety needs for the track. From seats or harness bars to full cages for Club racing, the team at Bodymotion can take care of your safety needs.

We suggest and use products that conform to the strictest specifications. Bodymotion is an authorized sales and installation location for DAS Sport roll bars and cages. We utilize M&R products harnesses and safety nets in our own cars and customer cars and have many different options when it comes to seats.


DAS Sport Roll Bars and Cages

DAS Sport is the manufacturer of roll bars, roll cages and composite bodywork for Porsche and BMW clubracers and driver's education participants. Precision engineering allows easy installation, exact fit and superiority to all other brands. Porsche and BMW owners order with confidence knowing their roll protection or accessory will fit and add uncompromising safety for any high speed event.

All DAS Sport roll bars are constructed of seamless DOM (drawn over mandrel) 1.75" X .120" mild steel tubing, which meets PCA and SCCA specifications. Unique to the design is the point of contact with the chassis. Unlike other roll bars, which merely bolt to the floor and could allow the footpads to "punch through" in the event of an accident the DAS Sport roll bars contact the structural "box sections" placing loads on the stress bearing members of the chassis. The harness bar height conforms to NHRA specifications ensuring that the shoulder harnesses function properly in the event of an accident. It is design features such as this that make DAS Sport roll bars the choice of safety conscious drivers.

DAS sport has both bolt in and weld in roll bars options for Porsche. They are designed for safety and ease of installation and do not require cutting, drilling, or the removal of interior pieces.

Bolt-in Roll Bars


'83-'89 911 Cabriolet   '74-'89 911 Coupe/Targa    '89-'98 964-993 Cab    '89-'98 964-993 Coupe   '98-'09 996/997 Coupe  '98-'09 996/997 Cab

$995 +tax/shipping      $995 +tax/shipping   $1295 + tax/shipping  $1295 + tax/shipping  $1495 + tax/shipping  $1195 + tax/shipping

DAS Sport Bars come unfinished from the factory, we can refinish to any color and provide installation.

When ordering please let us know if your car has a sunroof or not.

BODYMOTION is now offering Bolt-in Roll Bars for the 987 Cayman and Cayman S.



Bodymotion can also do full roll cages for PCA club racing or any number of series where a full roll cage is required.

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Bodymotion has many available options when it comes to seats. Whether you want to retain an OEM look and upgrade to 997 GT2 sport bucket seats or need a full race seat for PCA Club Racing or SCCA, Bodymotion can help you decide and install as per your needs.

The Porsche 997 GT2 sport bucket seats are a great option for anyone who may run DE events but also still drive their car on the street. They allow for the factory airbag system to be retained and have all the OEM quality that you would expect from Porsche. These seats can accommodate 5 or 6 point harnesses should you also want to install them in your vehicle.

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We also offer the full line of Sparco and Recaro seats for PCA Club Racing.

The Evo is perhaps Sparco's most popular seat. It carries an FIA certification and complies with major sanctioning bodies guidelines for safety. It features a fiberglass shell, but also comes in carbon fiber if you should so desire, and can be had in black, blue, or the red you see here. These seats can accommodate 5 or 6 point harnesses and can be installed in any vehicle. 

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The Recaro Pole Position is a FIA certified seat that has a fiberglass shell. This is a favorite of our customers who track their cars, providing ample lateral support. There are holes for mounting 5 or 6 point harnesses. This seat can be had in black or red fabric or black leather. It will be a good fit for most drivers, but if you are slightly taller or wider you may want to consider the Profi SPG or SPG XL.

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For those racing in series that require a HANS device, or those who wish to use a HANS device, we offer the Recaro SPG Pro Racer. This seat has been specifically designed for use with the HANS system to allow for greater comfort and support. The area of the seat around the shoulders has been designed to allow room for the HANS device so that the seat itself does not press against it and push your head and shoulders forward. It also provides extra support for the head in side impacts and around hairpin turns. This seat is only available in Black cloth.

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Bodymotion recommends and supplies M&R Products Harnesses for use in their customers vehicles. M&R has an extensive line of 4, 5, 6, and even 7 point harnesses to choose from in 9 different colors. They carry SFI 16.1 and even have belts with 16.5 certification and can be re-certified should the time come. They are available with either rotary cam lock closure or lo-profile latch style.

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