Porsche - Street Performance

With over 30 years of Porsche experience we are the experts. Whether, you need regular maintenance, an oil change, windshield replacement or want to enhance your Porsche to utilize its full potential through performance upgrades and modifications Bodymotion is the foremost authority on all models of Porsche.

Our technicians and staff are up to date and fully trained on all manner of Porsches and we have become experts on the modern Water-cooled Porsche. From 914s and the original 911 to the new 997.2 GT3/GT3RS and Cayenne Turbo we have the experience and know-how to take care of all your Porsche's needs. For more info and to see available options choose your vehicle below.

     996 Carrera                    996 Turbo                 997 Carrera                       997 Turbo                         GT3/GT3RS

The BMR CS                               986 and 987 Cayman/Boxster                      Aircooled


GT3/RS, 986 IMS, 993 maintenance and performance, Trackside Support

We have seen many of the newest Porsches, including the 997.2 Turbo PDK and have been performing service and upgrades on these vehicles, along with track-prep for many of our customers GT3s and GT3RS. We are the go to shop for track set-up and handling, especially alignments, and our hands-on approach ensures that we get the setup right the first time so that you can drive your Porsche to its utmost potential.

Recently we have been updating the IMS bearing for many early 986 Boxsters, and recommend this upgrade to ensure your Boxster continues to perform for years to come. The IMS bearing update can be performed as a stand alone procedure or include it with a clutch replacement and save on the labor. For more info head to our library and read the tech articles, there are two which detail the problem and our solution.

Bodymotion also has extensive experience with all manner of air-cooled 911's. From S.A.I. solutions for 993's to regular maintenance, we are your home for air-cooled Porsche's. Mike Bavaro has 35 Years experience and is a Master Certified Porsche Technician.

We don't just maintain and tune Porsche's we race them too. Our owner Mike Bavaro has been an active member in the PCA and a club racer for many years, and continues to race to this day. Our involvement in racing goes beyond our own personal involvement, we also provide support and particularly engines to many teams and club racers. You can find Bavaro Built engines in Grand AM, PCA, NASA, HSR, and SCCA. We can also rebuild or replace your engine in your street car. With different options available for different budgets. Please visit our ENGINE and TRANSMISSION page for further details.

We also provide trackside support for DE and Club races, including transportation services, driver coaching, and in shop track prep. Bodymotion's service is a truly arrive and drive service taking care of everything you need. Our trackside service also includes help with car setup so you can be more comfortable in your car and eventually go faster. Visit our EVENTS page to see where we are headed next and for write ups on where we've been. Call or email today to check availability and to make your reservations.