Mustang - Upgrades

MustangRoad Racers are quickly realizing the potential in the 2005 up (197chassis) Mustang's. These cars are most common for tearing up the 1/4 mile drag strips. Enthusiast's are flooded with web site's claiming 1/4 mile improvements, wheels and dress up stuff. Bodymotion has applied their considerable experience in building road race cars to the new Mustang. From street fun to Koni Challenge, we are your one stop shop! The brand new New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville NJ will bring many drivers to see road racing as an alternative to short lived 1/4 mile blasts. What discipline better emulates everyday driving? What can you do all day continually drag race or road race? You got it ,look into our suggestions from weekend warrior to dedicated racer.

For a level one, street legal, fun to drive street/sport occasional track we offer:

Ford Motorsport FR-3 kit. Complete with all hardware, front strut brace, front and rear sport dampers (shocks) and coil springs. Also included are front three way adjustable sway bar and rear sway bar. Nice features include: firm but not harsh ride quality, reduced corner body roll, reduce inherent front under steer (push) and approximately 1" lower ride height front and rear. You can't beat the price at $1395, our installation includes lock tite and professional installation for $ 668

When the Mustang ride height changes thru suspension movement and when lowering the car, the rear axle move side to side and is no longer centered under the car. This cause the body to "dog track" and not follow a true track down the centerline of the car. Bodymotion will install a heavy duty adjustable rear panhard bar and center the rear on our Hunter Computerized chassis and alignment bench.

Panhard bar $ 169 installation $125 includes re-centering the rear

Combine the above with our precise sport four wheel alignment for correct camber and optimum toe settings, total chassis set up is $178

Click HERE for pics of the process

Fire extinguisher and mount:

All club and tracks require fire bottles that are in reach of driver while belted in. Our stainless steel mount attached to the existing seat track to floor bolts, no holes drilled! Our Halon (new and environmentally safe) is state of the art. Unlike chemical extinguishers that cause more harm to electrical systems than the actual fire, halon is clean and once evaporated is undetectable, cake and eat it too!

Stainless Bracket and hardware $139.95

Halon bottle with double aircraft strap and chrome $198

Halon, as above in standard red color w/ double aircraft strap $174

Installation $ 44.00


Stock 2007 Mustang GT 4.6 V8 with five speed. Front and rear fender wells
measure 28" and 29" respectively.

Ford Motorsport Kit components, less strut lower brace.

Certified Technician, Patrick Gumley, installing rear coil springs, shocks, panhard bar and rear sway bar. Note the high quality on the sway bar links and bushings.

Technician Gumley handling the compression of the springs for installation. This job should not be attempted at home without propper tools and training.


Left strut partially installed   

The Mustang on the alignment rack getting the rear axle centered and aligned to achieve maximum grip, minimal tire wear and a straight steering wheel after installation of the level one suspension upgrade.


The completed car after a road test, the car corners flatter, uses more of the available tire rubber contact patch, and the chassis sits just over an inch lower front and rear. This car drives great and is not rough over bumps, this car will be a daily driver (lucky commuter) and its owner will have fun at the race track on weekends