Mini Cooper - Customer Testimonials

Rich Tapalaga and Priscilla

Proud owners of this Chile Red 04 Mini Cooper S 
with Bodymotion Stage Three
Rich started with our Bodymotion Stage Two Performance Package in July 2005. He was very happy with the power improvements: Max HP before Stage Two 142HP, Final HP after Stage Two 172HP. Rich made frequent inquiries as to the cost and benefits of the Bodymotion Stage Three Performance Package. After considering the additional power gain of Stage Three he was convinced it would be the correct move for him and had Bodymotion do the performance upgrade in December 2005.  He is delighted with the net gain to 202.5 FWHP, and all of this without a Stage Three liquid indicator. He will consider that for 2006.

Keith S.
of Pittsfield, Vermont
referred by Mini Mania

'03 Mini Cooper S
with Bodymotion
Stage Two


Here is an email we received from Keith after performing a Stage 2 upgrade to his Mini Cooper S:

I wanted to give you my initial impression of the new and improved Mini.  I must admit you were right, the moment I reached the highway entrance ramp the difference was amazing.  It was at that point a grin came to my face and was there on the entire drive back to Long Island – even though I was only heading back to the office.  I am looking forward to the weekend to really see what she can do!

On a separate note I want to let you know that it was a pleasure to deal with you and your entire organization.  Through the entire process everyone was courteous and professional and from the first day there was no doubt in my mind I had made the right decision in selecting Bodymotion for improving my Cooper.  I will keep you updated on my experience with the car and look forward to working with you on future improvements.

August 11, 2006