Mini Cooper - Suspension & Handling

Stage One Suspension


Four coil springs, installed to lower center of gravity. Upgraded rear toe links for “fully adjustable” rear camber and toe in. Includes super aggressive four wheel alignment. 


Stage Two Suspensionmini


Complete Koni adjustable coil over

shock kit. Lowers car 1 inch with 20%

firmer springs. Includes rear toe kit and







Add adjustable rear sway bar $399.00 -




Add Titanium camber truss $325.00 - installed...


Most coopers ride on 17" x 6" wheels with 205/45/17 run flats. The run flats, regardless of brand, work because they have very thick, stiff (read heavy) Driving a street car without a spare tire requires this option. However in the interest of improved handling, decreasing the unsprung weight (not to mention decreasing rotational and total vehicle weight) will show immediate results in acceleration times and cornering ability. Combine this improvement with a stickier (better coefficient of friction) compound and a lower aspect ratio ( 40 vs, 45) and your really talking more bang for your buck.

The increase in corner loads will simply cause your Mini's chassis to "roll" in a corner, more so obviously, than with stock rubber because the stock tires would simply slide or break loose at lower speeds. So now we deal with the body roll, two ways, first increase the ability of each corner to support the increased load by increasing the spring rate. If we do this in moderation, say 10% firmer, we can lower the ride height about 3/4",reduce body lean and keep the stock dampers. This low cost enhancement (about $500 installed) works well for street driving with a slightly firmer ride. For more aggressive drivers we suggest our stage two shock/coil over kit. This includes four adjustable Koni dampers, four coil springs (about 20% firmer than stock) and lower the ride height about 25mm (one inch). When lowering Minis you must compensate with realigning the suspension. The rear independent suspension has no factory adjustments. We can remove your stock lateral links and install adjustable eccentrics to adjust rear toe and camber. This allows for dead on alignment accuracy and maximizes the potential of all of the modifications above. Add to the above package (cost installed$1895) a rear adjustable sway bar kit, if done at the same time as the kit just described save on labor cost now only $399 installed.