Mini Cooper - Clutch & Flywheel

What you need to know about the Mini cooper S clutch and flywheel

Now that our Mini Cooper S is approaching 200 horsepower, we want to get hat power to the pavement. A good start would be our recommendations for suspension and tires before you melt those run flat tires with which our Mini Cooper S was delivered. Increased power output combined with an increase in traction creates a new weak link: the clutch which is our connection between the 6-speed Getrag gearbox and the flywheel.  

We have invested an extensive amount of time and effort seeking the optimal setup to overcome this weak link in the drive-train. We discovered that there is no single setup which is optimal for all applications, but rather different solutionsmini appropriate for different conditions. Common to all clutch solutions for the Mini Cooper S is the flywheel. The stock dual-mass flywheel weighs a hefty 28 pounds!!! We reduced that mass by over half to a mere 12 pounds. The flywheel is beautifully made and priced under $490. All of our clutch kits are compatible with this flywheel. Instantly you will feel the difference in the rate of acceleration. The RPM rise and fall are noticeably more responsive, helping those tire smoking burnouts.  Speaking of smoky burnouts, the stock clutch will not take many of these with 165 horsepower, and even fewer with 200-plus ponies. 

One of our performance clutch packages will keep those wheels turning reliably. We offer a street-grade setup good for our Stage Two Upgrade (200 hp) for about $600 plus flywheel and labor. If your engine is in the 200-plus club or you are particularly brutal on clutches, we recommend our ceramic disc clutch for about $750, which is also compatible with the lighter flywheel described above.  Lastly, for all-out competition, we offer a complete Tilton F-1 type flywheel and clutch, the entire assembly weighs approximately 10 pounds. Yes, this includes the flywheel!!! Cost approaches $1800 and is not  intended for street driving.  All clutch packages and flywheel upgrade require removal of the engine and transaxle, axles. This procedure has been performed in our shop 1000 times, so you can be assured that the upgrade will be installed accurately and efficiently on your Mini. Price is $900 for labor plus coolant and oil.